Sunday, October 25, 2009


It has been a really long October and I have not even got any candy yet for Halloween. My Hubby had a heartache and it has been a life changing event for us. I can not imagine life without him. We are now cooking and eating healthier than we ever have. We never ate really bad but when life gets busy you eat fast food way to much. It is really amazing how quickly you can adapt when it is life or death. Low or no fats less sugar and alot of fruits and veggies. I feel really good about the changes we are making. I even have more energy and cleaned my craftroom. I separated all my buttons by color, took all my ribbon and put them on floss chips all in two containers what a great space saver. Now my space is ready for some creativity Yay... Back to work after a week off taking care of hubby and now I need a vacation LOL

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